The new addition to the Tea Of Life® Health Inc is the Graviola or Soursop in capsules we are proud to say we do carefully select our products that provides the best health benefits for our consumers. The Tea Of Life® capsules are made from the finest quality vegetarian ingredient possible. The capsules are made from cellulose vegan quality ingredient are non-GMO, caffeine free, gluten free with no additives or preservatives.

The Ancient and Modern Health Benefits for the Graviola, otherwise known as Soursop, Annona muricata, Guanabana, Braziliian paw-paw, or Brazilian cherimoya.

The health benefits have been researched for many years. Graviola is indigenous to warm tropical climate in the Americas, including the Amazon. In the Caribbean the plant is known as Soursop.  The leaves, stems and bark are used for various disorders and the fruit is used to make a delicious drink.

Graviola plant research has been historically established and surpassed many natural plant health studies. Identified, for its potent antioxidants, the graviola leaves, stems, and fruit may benefit the immune system immensely.

The main health promoting components found in graviola are “acetogenins” which are found in the fruit, seeds, leaves, and bark of the graviola plant.

Research since the 1950s suggested that “acetogenins” may have great potential for cellular health and may ward off unwanted changes occurring in body cells. Some studies have demonstrated that the plant can dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.  An increasing number of alternative practitioners are recommending graviola products to their clients and have seen and heard of reported health benefits from its users.

The term “graviola” as a search word may produce an amazing 12,300 citations, over 2,000 of which are related to Anti-cancer health benefits.

It is suggested that the Graviola / Soursop anti-cancer claims comes largely from its  reported ability to reduce the energy supply to cancer cells while protection the good cells. This is astounding breakthrough for anti cancer benefits. Researchers exploring the mechanisms of graviola claim, found that the “acetogenins” in the plant may distinguish cancerous cells from healthy cells because cancer cells have a consistently higher level of cellular activity and energy in their cells.

Researchers explained that “acetogenins” may recognize and selectively inhibit the tumor cells growth. The cancer cells types cited for benefits are colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer, to name a few.

Other uses and benefits related to health are blood Glucose reduction by protecting the Beta cells in the pancreas. Other uses scientifically discussed, lists rheumatic disorders in the elderly i.e. arthritis, joint disorders, digestive and gall bladder disorders, liver and inflammatory disorders.

Use of the Graviola herb is not recommended for pregnant women and children under five years of age.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*