Tea Of Life® Lemongrass/Fevergrass Bulk Pack 8 OZ Cut & Sifted (Makes 75 cups)


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Cymbopogon citratus: Fevergrass /Lemongrass, is the most commonly used species of over 55 species of the Fevergrass family. It is grown best in tropical climate of the Caribbean, United States, Asia and other regions of the world.  Lemongrass/Fevergrass has a potent, aromatic, pleasant lemon smell.

In the Tropics it is a perennial herb which grows back annually. This pungent odor is very repelling to mosquitoes and other insects, but pleasant to human smell.  It is commonly named

Fevergrass in the Caribbean for its primary use in reducing fever by excretion and sweating.

Cymbopogon citratus one species of Fevergrass/ Lemongrass is researched for many years for the medicinal or health promotional benefits. A 2012 in-vitro study published by the National Institute of Health, (a trusted source), noted that lemongrass essential oil showed antimicrobial, and anti bacterial properties as well as a diuretic effect. Another common beneficial use is tooth health. The essential oil is commonly used in aroma therapy. It supports calmness and relaxation when resting.


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