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Tea Of Life® Health Inc.

Tea of Life ® is the registered trademarked Brand for our medicinal herbal teas. Tea Of Life ® Health Inc is a family-owned health care Practitioner, consisting of a Medical Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, and two Registered Nurses.

All of our members grew up using natural herbs as remedies. As a group we branched out into conventional health care, complementing our focus and desire to serve humanity in a healthful way.

Our first tea was marketed in 2006. We received a Patent (# 6, 84 1175) in 2006. We discovered, Anecdotal Evidence on the Epazote AKA Semi-Contra herb, that it reduces the cells of uterine fibroids and other rapidly growing, unwanted cells in the body.

Our family made the first tea under our Brand from this same ancient herbal wonder herb. This herb has over 40 different names internationally and is botanically called Chenopodium Ambroisiodes (AKA) Epazote, Semi Contra, or American Wormseed, etc.)

Since 2006 Tea Of Life ® Health Inc has added more other products under the Tea Of Life ® Brand. We added the “Pleasure Blend”, and “Pleasure Blend Plus”, our second tea with three carefully selected blended herbs, (see Pleasure Blend detail at Product Gallery). Our newest tea is made from the Lemongrass or Fever grass herb (see Product Gallery for more detail).

We have Dietary Herbal Supplements in Vegan capsules under our Brand. Our first tea the Semi Contra tea is sold on Amazon, and on our original website, (www.theteaoflife.com). We focus on selling our medicinal herbal teas and supplements in Health Foods Stores and Pharmacies, Grocery stores, and health fairs. They are sold Nationally and Internationally. Please see our Products Gallery for more details.

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