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About Us

Feel The Taste Of The Best Tea Through Our Quality Products

Our mission at Tea of Life® is simple: offer the best value on the finest teas from across the globe. We open the door to your health and well-being. Our teas not just taste good, it is also very beneficial for your health. We strive for the highest quality in all we do—from the experience, you have in your cup to the experience you have in our stores and online. We are passionate about teas and our supplements. With a variety of teas available and new teas being made all the time, the world of teas becomes a limitless exploration of new sensory and aesthetic experiences. There are very few things in life that can be enjoyed as widely and with so much variety as teas.

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Medicinal herbal teas
Herbal supplements

Linneth Hall


The Best Tea Quality

In the past, tea was a tool for rebellion and sparked wars. Now it's become a source of quiet and comfort. But not to us. To us, tea is an opportunity. To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. With a diverse range of bold flavors and bright colors.

Quality For The Best

We have an amazing product which we call Miracle Within Reach. This tea is made from just one Herb, however, it provides a range of health benefits. See below how you can open the door to your health and wellbeing through this tea.

Medicinal herbal teas

Supports Digestion and Gastric

Herbal supplements

Helps the body fight off Intestinal

Capsules bottled

Support a Healthy Blood
Glucose (Blood Sugar)

Organic Tea

Promotes a Healthy Menstrual Cycle and Prevents Cramps

Traditional and modern uses & benefits:

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