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Our mission at Tea of Life is simple: offer the best value on the finest teas from across the globe. We strive for the highest quality in all we do—from the experience, you have in your cup to the experience you have in our stores and online.

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About Company

Health Benefits for Drinking Tea Regularly

Owning a tea company is an opportunity for tea lovers to excite their senses, and their taste buds with good tasting teas. Each of our tea has a unique taste and therefore our mission for Tea of Life is simple. We offer the best value to provide the finest teas for our customers.

Sexual Health

All natural products, no health risk

Blood Pressure

A healthier heart, A healthier blood pressure

Erectile Dysfunction

Tea or capsule, its your choice

Menstrual Cramps

Comfortable Cycle

Amazing Weight loss

May lose up to 6 pounds weekly

Men Health's

Healthier Prostate, Healthy Urine Flow

Women's Health

Healthier Uterus, Menopausal Health i.e Hot Flashers, Comfortable menstrual cycle, Healthy Urine retention

Gastro-intestinal health.

Intestinal parasite no worries, Alkaline support, Gas and inflammation reduction

Respiratory Health

Bronchial dilation, Mucous Relief, Breathe easy formulas, and reduce the spread

Cardiovascular Health

Healthy Blood Pressure, Healthy Circulation, Healthy veins & Arteries, Healthy heart support

Clarify Your Doubts

Raise the level of your

Our mission is to create a delicious experience. And in order to do so, we believe in providing our communi-(TEA) with the highest quality products. All teas, herbs, and botanicals that come into the "Art Of Teas" are quality and quantity tested.

We can assure you that our teas that you order look, smell, and taste as fresh as when we ship it. We do all we can to assure the freshest and best-tasting tea you receive.

Quick help support

We love answering tea questions and helping people learn about tea, so thanks for your interest! Let us know what we can do to help you learn about and enjoy tea.

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Our dietary supplements are Vegan, Caffeine free, GMO Free, Gluten Free

We have an amazing product which we call Miracle Within Reach. This tea is made from just one Herb, however, it provides a range of health benefits. See below how you can open the door to your health and wellbeing through this tea.

Antioxidant Properties

Immunity Support

Glucose Control

Organic Gluten Free

Caffeine-free Non-GMO

100% Natural Herbal Tea


What our buyers says

This tea in quality and flavor is much better than all other peach teas I have tried, including the Celestial Seasonings one which doesn't taste as good as this! There's something so unique about Bigelow's tea! I love all of their green tea varieties and this tea as well! Buying them in bulk means I can drink it for a couple of months before its gone! It's that good!! 🙂

Patricia James Top Manager

I suffer from anxiety and this tea has really helped with the symptoms. As this is a herbal tea there is no caffeine which is great. The taste is very pleasant and i drink it 3 or 4 times a day.

Steven Rashford Top Manager

This is my favorite herbal tea and is difficult to find where I live. I have one every evening with my collagen powder mixed in and it is very good indeed. The spice is just perfect and I like that it includes probiotics in it for even more health benefits.

Anastasia Stone Top Manager